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Chengdu dry mixed masonry mortar

简介—— Chengdu dry mixed masonry mortar mixing requirements: masonry mortar should be mixed by mortar mixer。Mortar mixer can choose valve discharge type, tipping discharge type or vertical, its discharge capacity

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Chengdu dry mixed masonry mortarMixing requirements:

Masonry mortar should be mixed by mortar mixer。The slurry mixer can choose the valve discharge type, tilting discharge type or vertical, and its discharge capacity is usually 200L 。

Mixing time from the completion of feeding, should comply with the following provisions:

1, cement mortar and cement mixed mortar, not less than 2 minutes。

2, cement fly ash mortar and mortar mixed with admixtures, not less than 3 minutes。

3, mixed with organic plasticizer mortar, should be 3-5 minutes。

To mix cement mortar, sand and cement should be dry mixed evenly first, and then water should be added to mix evenly。

To mix cement mortar, sand and cement should be dry mixed evenly first, and then add additives (stone ash paste, clay paste) and water to mix evenly。

When mixing admixtures, the admixtures should first be dissolved in water according to the prescribed concentration, and the admixture solution should be put into the mixing water, and the admixtures should not be directly put into the mixed mortar。

After the mortar is mixed and used, it should be filled into the ash storage。If the mortar is bleeding, it should be mixed again before masonry。

Mortar should be used with mixing。Cement mortar and cement mixed mortar must be used within 3 hours and 4 hours after mixing, respectively;When the higher temperature during the construction exceeds 30 degrees, it must be used within 2 hours and 3 hours after mixing, respectively。For mortar mixed with retarder, its use time can be extended according to the specific situation。

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Chengdu dry mixed mortar

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