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Sichuan gypsum self-leveling insulation sound insulation mortar

简介—— Why do floor heating backfill use Chengdu gypsum self-leveling insulation sound insulation mortar?Nowadays, the popular use of gypsum self-leveling mortar for floor heating backfill is not only simple and quick in construction, but also environmentally friendly in building materials themselves

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Why do floor heating backfill use Chengdu gypsum self-leveling insulation sound insulation mortar?

Nowadays, the popular use of gypsum self-leveling mortar for floor heating backfill is not only simple and fast in construction, but also the environmental advantages of building materials themselves are in line with our current development momentum, and the use of gypsum self-leveling mortar is also more consistent with the characteristics of this heating method。Floor heating is called geothermal radiation heating, which heats the water to a certain temperature and transmits it to the water pipe cooling network under the floor to achieve temperature rise. Low temperature ground heat medium forms a gradually decreasing temperature gradient from the sole of the foot to the head in the room, which gives people a comfortable feeling of warm feet and cool head. It is a very healthy heating method。In use, because the heat is emitted from the ground upwards, there are also many concerns about the construction of floor heating。

Gypsum self-leveling for floor heating backfill

After the use of gypsum self-leveling mortar for floor heating backfill, it needs to be laid on the floor. The performance of self-flowing leveling can avoid problems such as empty drums and cracking in the lower layer of floor heating, and the thermal insulation performance is good. The floor hardened by gypsum based self-leveling mortar is elastic, the feet feel warm and comfortable, and has sound insulation effect。Compared with the traditional cement mortar floor heating leveling method, gypsum self-leveling mortar has more obvious advantages in strength stability and thermal stability, and is the preferred material for floor heating system。The porosity of the gypsum material itself can play the role of sound insulation and insulation, and the production of gypsum self-leveling with gypsum as the base material, the material density is low in the case of reasonable deployment, which can reduce the bearing quality of the building, and does not contain harmful substances that pollute the environment, and the environmental protection standards of the entire decoration have been significantly improved。

Gypsum self-leveling can rely on itself to form a flat and smooth foundation on the floor heating coil, the construction size is accurate, the levelness is high, and it can be pumped and laid。After backfilling, the floor heating has certain water retention and bonding strength, and has the characteristics of heat insulation and low temperature rise。Before the actual backfill of the floor heating, the gypsum self-leveling needs to be adjusted with water and other auxiliary materials to make it achieve the due use effect。Here we should pay attention to the importance of deployment, because the construction convenience of gypsum self-leveling comes from the characteristics of the flow, to achieve a good "flow" of course depends on the viscosity of the material, the amount of water and the practical function of cellulose is particularly important。



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